The Urban-Water-Logistics for a Greater Yangon program, to run for three years as part of the "Partners in Business' (PIB) program, has the first deliverable to present a Climate Adaptation Scoping Study. The study should provide locally grounded, inspirational and practical insight into what a climate adaptive Yangon could look like at a township level. At the suggestion of the Yangon City Development Committee, the selected township is Thaketa, located east from central and downtown Yangon.

In order to move to the next phase of the project, which should result in a shortlist of concrete and actionable interventions that can be presented to YCDC and the Yangon Regional Government by mid-July, we organised a 1-day workshop on Friday 24 May to set the stage for further collaboration.

Attended by several Dutch partner, the workshop was hosted at Waternet in Amsterdam. From the Yangon City Development Committee representatives from the Executive Committee and Water and Sanitation department were present.

The workshop touched upon the topic of strategic collaboration between the partners and understanding of the spatial vision for Thaketa which cuts through different dimensions of built environment, social environment, economic environment, etc. Specific attention was given to the climate adaptation experiences gained by Waternet through their Amsterdam Rainproof program.

The next step for the Urban Water track is a workshop in Yangon in the second week of June, during which the partners undertake the final stages of scoping the proposed interventions.