We finally installed rulers to monitor the water level of three places - the reservoir where the local community depend on it for domestic and drinking purposes and the drainages at Thumana and near the post office in Thaketa, Ward 5. Our construction team went on the ground and started our implementation in the amidst of COVID 19 pandemic. Led by ...
  1.   Wednesday, 16 December 2020
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Jpeg Format   PDF Format Download PDF File Here Too Little Water  Addressing Water Scarcity in the Thaketa Climate Adaptation Project Download PDF File Here Too Much Water  Addressing Flooding in the Thaketa Climate Adaptation Project...
  1.   Monday, 14 December 2020
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On November 24, 2020, update call of Thaketa Climate Adaptation for Water Security Pilot Project was done with local government, Yangon City Development Committee by organizing the virtual online meeting amid COVID pandemic. The call was to share a project update about its progress of implementation and monitoring and discuss how to collaborate mov...
One of the fundamental essences of leaderships is self-motivation, the ability to motivate yourself and drive people to keep going even in the face of setbacks, to create opportunities and to demonstrate a commitment to what they want to achieve.Aside from the definition, this is a message that I want to share by showing an example from the real wo...
13 July 2020 – We were very happy to see that the community is already taking its own initiatives to reduce the impact of flooding. Over the past months, the Ward Officer of Ward 5 undertook to upgrade and restore a large part of the drainage network in his neighborhood, removing sediment, cleaning, reinforcing channels and placing borders to preve...
10 July 2020 – Our local team finished the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in 4 different locations in Thaketa township, Yangon. Through these 4 initial interventions, we aim to make the first steps in engaging the community with rainwater harvesting and educate them about how collecting and (re-) using rainwater can make the...
A consortium of eight companies and organisations has been awarded financial support from the prestigious Partners for Water innovation fund of the Dutch government to undertake a two-year climate adaptation pilot project in the township of Thaketa (Yangon). The multidisciplinary consortium consisting of The Water Agency, Doh Eain, Infram, Resilie...
  1.   Wednesday, 18 December 2019
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