Water level monitoring in the Sittaung river basin

Author De Vilder, L.H.ContributorsRutten, M.M. (mentor)Download Link: https://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid:eab22a8e-bc93-4c68-a4df-02c3aa586dea/datastream/OBJ/download

Scoping study of `Coastal Squeeze' phenomenon, Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar

AuthorKroon, M.E.N. Rip, J.ContributorsStive, M.J.F. (mentor) Rutten, M.M. (mentor)AbstractCoastal squeeze is defined as the reduction in the space of coastal habitats to operate [1] and it is an important cause for (amongst others) coastline retreat, an increase in flood risk and salinity intrusion...
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Delft3D model of the Ayeyarwady delta Myanmar

AuthorAttema, Y.H. Hendriks, H.C.M.ContributorVan Prooijen, B.C. (mentor)AbstractIn 2013 and 2014, a hydrodynamic model for the Ayeyarwady delta was developed. This delta is located in the Southwestern part of Myanmar. Because it is prone to flooding and is also affected by salt intrusion during per...
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Feasibility of Velocity Measurements by a Drifter in the Yangon River

AuthorJanssen, M.P.J. Koning, R.J.AbstractMyanmar is dealing with a large data deficit, which is in contrast with the substantial need for it. The implementation of measuring techniques to obtain hydro- and morphodynamic data is an upcoming process. Measuring velocities can be valuable for calibrati...
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Remote sensing waves in data-scarce countries

AuthorKwant, M.D. ContributorsDe Vries, S. (mentor) Rutten, M.M. (mentor)Delft University of TechnologyAbstractshe objective of this thesis was analyzing and evaluating different sources of wave data. Wave data from two hindcasts, satellite altimetry and wave buoys were compared with each other...
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The tidal bore in the Sittaung River

Author  de Ridder, M.P.ContributorsWang, Z.B. (mentor) Rutten, M.M. (mentor)Delft University of TechnologyAbstractsA 2Dnumericalmodel is set-up for the tidal bore in the Sittaung River. This model is used to analyse the effect of the bottom friction, bathymetry, tidal range and river discharge ...
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Dispersion in the Ayeyarwady

Author Bakker, Tije (TU Delft Civil Engineering and Geosciences; TU Delft Hydraulic Engineering) ContributorsRutten, Martine (mentor) Sloff, Kees (mentor)Delft University of TechnologyAbstractsDelft University of TechnologyThe Ayeyarwady River (also called Irrawaddy River) is the most important...
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Cost-effectiveness of NGO-Sourced Health Franchising

AuthorHatun, Zeynep (TU Delft Technology, Policy and Management)  Contributorsvan Beers, Cees (graduation committee) van Hulst, Bart (mentor) Kroesen, Otto (mentor)Delft University of TechnologyAbstractHealthcare services in the developing countries are suffering from lack of equipment, experti...
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Prototype low cost acoustic automatic online water level sensor made from off the shelf components

Authorvan Iersel, Tara (TU Delft Civil Engineering and Geosciences; TU Delft Water Management; TU Delft Water Resources)  ContributorsHoes, Olivier (mentor) Hut, Rolf (mentor) van de Giesen, Nick (graduation committee) Timmermans, Jos (graduation committee)Delft University of TechnologyAbstract...
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Measuring coastal erosion with the help of the local population in Myanmar

Authorvan den Berg, Jelle Jacobus (TU Delft Civil Engineering and Geosciences; TU Delft Water Management)ContributorsRutten, Martine (mentor) de Vries, Sierd (mentor)Delft University of TechnologyAbstractCoastal erosion in Myanmar causes the coastline to retreat, which increases the flood risk for t...
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The influence of sand mining on the coastal erosion of Ngapali

Author: de Iongh, Zilver (TU Delft Civil Engineering and Geosciences; TU Delft Water Management)Delft University of TechnologyDate: 2017-10-22AbstractThe beach at Ngapali, Myanmar is eroding, resulting in a shoreline which moves landward. The coastline gets closer to the vegetation each year and dur...
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Capacity Building & Innovation in IWRM

This presentation by Delft University of Technology in Myanmar show that what they do in Myanmar. Academic Research for PhD, MSc and BSc, Trainings for Professionals, Capacity Building and Water innovations with inspirable themes can be read.     Download PDF File Here

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