UN Urges Southeast Asian Countries to Get Tough on Plastic Pollution

14 Nov 19 - Source: The Irrawaddy - BANGKOK—Southeast Asian countries, among the world's worst ocean polluters, need tougher regulations for plastic packaging to curb leakage, a UN report said on Wednesday.Southeast Asia is a major contributor to land-based plastic waste leaking into the world's oce...
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Drowning in a sea of plastic

01 Oct 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Since the mass production of plastic began, almost six billion tonnes of it – approximately 91 percent – has remained in our air, land and water. Plastic production and use is embedded in the global economy, and in our natural environment. This culture of waste is...
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Collecting reusable trash on the Yangon River

27 Sep 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - The Yangon River is thick with mud, and busy with boats of all sizes. Sometimes shipping containers make their way across the city shores, and others times trawlers can be seen shifting sand or oil between the docks. But these giants are far outnumbered by the sma...
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Resort owner leading the way to a plastic-free future in Myanmar

17 Sep 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - In 1995, Oliver Esser Soe Thet came to Myanmar. Although he initially dreamed of going back to Thailand, where he had spent a couple of years as a chef at fine-dining establishments in Bangkok, he felt in his heart that Myanmar was the place to be. "The roads were...
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Myanmar’s lifeblood in peril

30 July 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - The Ayeyarwady River, dubbed the lifeblood of Myanmar and home to a threatened species of dolphin, is being suffocated by tonnes of plastic being dumped into it every day. It has been ranked the ninth most polluted river in the world, behind the Philippines' Pasi...
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Businesses should reduce plastic use to secure a greener, better Myanmar

​05 June 18 - Today is the World Environment Day and this year the theme is "Beat Plastic Pollution". Businesses in the country need to take concrete steps to help achieve a greener, cleaner Myanmar.Plastic pollution is not an abstract concept. This year alone, global manufacturers will pr...
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Evaluation of Expression of Interest for Stage-2 Infrastructure Projects

4 June 18 - An estimated 200 tonnes of plastic waste is being dumped in the country's waterways every day, causing serious harm to the environment, environmentalists warned.Friedor Jeske, an expert in solid waste management with long experience in Myanmar, said the amount of plastic waste in th...
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သဘာ၀တရားျကီးကေတာ့သင္ေပးေနပါတယ္ ……….. ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို ့ကေရာ သင္ယူေနျကရဲ့လား

Source: mitvDate: 9 February, 2018​In order to improve waste management in the community, the Yangon Region Government is conducting waste management practices in cooperation with international organizations and stakeholders for a community awareness campaign and practices.It is very less in the pra...
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