Investor interest in New Yangon City project rises, more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) expected

​ 24 Apr 18 -  Since its launch in early April, investor interest in the New Yangon City project from China, South Korea and ASEAN has been on the rise, Yangon Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein said during a press conference at the 2018 Yangon Investment Forum on April 20. The Yangon Region Gover...
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Insights of Myanmar Community of Practice (CoP) Water in the City workshop

​On the 22nd of March 2018, World Water Day , The Water Agency (TWA) initiated the first Myanmar Community of Practice (CoP) workshop in Yangon at the beautiful and authentic building of Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT). During Piet Filet's visit to Yangon in January, local stakeholders were in...
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Structuring Decisions for a sustainable future

This presentation was presented by Tom Kompier, Strategic Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, in Urban Delta Seminar. It includes  ​ the explanation of the closure dam, Future Change Calls for: Adaptive Delta Management.  The case of Vietnam Recommendations for a...
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Source: mitv Date: 9 February, 2018 ​ In order to improve waste management in the community, the Yangon Region Government is conducting waste management practices in cooperation with international organizations and stakeholders for a community awareness campaign and practices. It is very less in the...
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Towards Urban Growth Analytics for Yangon

It is within this context that the IGC Myanmar office has collaborated with LSE Cities on this first step towards developing a more in-depth research programme on urban development in Yangon. It has resulted in the creation of a comparative information base that will provide a strong empirical found...
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Preparatory survey for greater Yangon water supply improvement project (phase II) : final report

Author Janssen, M.P.J. Koning, R.J. Abstract Myanmar is dealing with a large data deficit, which is in contrast with the substantial need for it. The implementation of measuring techniques to obtain hydro- and morphodynamic data is an upcoming process. Measuring velocities can be valuable for calibr...
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Delft3D-FLOW Model of the Yangon Port Area

Author De Koning, R.J. Janssen, M.P.J. Abstract Large sedimentation is observed in the Yangon port area in Myanmar and this sediment is blocking the entrance channel into the port. The entrance channel is dredged intensively to keep it navigable but insight into the sedimentation processes is limite...
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Innovative rainfall measurement devices in tropical regions

Author Honingh, D.   Contributors Rutten, M. (mentor) Ten Veldhuis, M. (mentor) Abstracts In this thesis, the rain conditions of Yangon and Bago are studied. During the rainy season large rain quantities fall in a short period, which quite regularly causes major floods in Myanmar. The floods ha...
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Yangon factories told to treat water or else

Source: mmtimes, 23th October 2017 The government warned factories to treat their wastewater properly before disposing it into rivers or face penalties, including closure of their facilities. In Yangon Region's 24 industrial zones alone, there are 3474 factories but only 188 have proper wastewater t...
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Overflowing dams ‘not in danger of collapsing’

Source: The Myanmar Times, 9 October 2017 The phase one of Yangon Water Bus started running on October 7 - with five ships - and transportation across the river will further increase, said chair Daw Tint Tint Lwin of Tint Tint Myanmar Company. Yangon Water Bus starts after 3-month delay | The Myanma...
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In Dala, a bridge over troubled water

Source: Frontier Myanmar, 21 September 2017 In Dala, a bridge over troubled water | Frontier Myanmar Port operators are speaking out against a planned bridge linking Yangon with impoverished Dala, but lawmakers say they should have spoken up years ago.
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Yangon’s Master Plan: What will Yangon look like in 2030?

Dr. Toe Aung from the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) shares strategic development vision of urban development plan of the greater Yangon. He shares an overview of priority programs: Urban Development and Management and Urban Infrastructure Development.   Download PDF File Here

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