An episode of Partners for International Business (PIB) - Water Logistics Updates and Tharketa Project Launch

The workshop, which is one of the roadmap activities of Partners for International Businesses (PIB) for Urban Water and Water Logistics, was held at Yangon Parliament building in January 21. The opening speech was given by the Chief Minister of Yangon Regional Government sharing the vision of becomi...

Water & Maritime Myanmar

This presentation by the embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands indicate new directions about Myanmar to 2030 from the point of view of political landscape, economic landscape and environmental landscape. The detail facts that provided by Ministry of Planning and Finance about joint country portf...

Maritime Industry In Myanmar

​This document shows  ​Organizational Structure of Ministry of Transport and Communications Department of Marine Administration Shipping Industry in MyanmarPorts in Myanmar    Download PDF File Here

Delft3D-FLOW Model of the Yangon Port Area

Author De Koning, R.J. Janssen, M.P.J. Abstract Large sedimentation is observed in the Yangon port area in Myanmar and this sediment is blocking the entrance channel into the port. The entrance channel is dredged intensively to keep it navigable but insight into the sedimentation processes is limite...

Once Yangon-Dala Bridge is completed, economy flow will remain undamaged.

Source: The Myanmar Times Date: 27 February, 2018 This article is in burmese.   ​Source Link:

Myanmar's Inland Maritime Ports and Inland Water Transport: Capacity Assessment, Status and Development Plan

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Smart Port - Smart Future

This presentation of the first edition of the Myanmar-Netherlands Water Challenge describing how a smart port is, will give you insights how a smart port can benefit its localities and create a smart future.     Download PDF File Here

Myanmar Maritime Quickscan

This study was issued by Dutch Maritime Network and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. This aim of this study is to present the current state of play in the maritime sector of Myanmar, with a specific on: Port and TerminalsInland ShippingShipbuildingOffshoreFisheriesMaritime E...

Integrated Sustainable Port Design Framework Development Port Master plan

This report, the title of Integrated Sustainable Port Design Framework Development Port Master plan, is the public version of Master of Science Thesis in Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Managements at the Delft University of Technology and National University of Singapore, done by Zhen Zhe...

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