Meikhtila Lake Project:Integrated Study And Practical Try-outs

Integrated Meiktila Lake Area Development: improved watershed management, with Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development, Meiktila Township Municipal Committee amongst others In the Meikhitila r...
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Bagan River Beautification Project

Bagan Multi-Purpose Pilot River Beautification, with Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Ministry of Transport, General Administrative Department, Bagan Township, Private Partners The Bagan river beautification project has resulted in multiple benefits. In the cooperation, between the Netherland...
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Pan Hlaing River Integrated Development

Over the past decades, the Pan Hlaing River has faced decreasing inflow and increasing sedimentation as result of tidal influences. Tides from the Yangon River (downstream) push saline water from the ocean into the river system. The rivers are rich with suspended sediment load. The aim of the Pan Hl...
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Worst flooding in 40 years hits Mon State, hundreds evacuated

Feasibility study Mandalay-Bagan navigability improvement,with ministry of transport/inland water transport, Netherlands Government, World Bank The Ayeyarwaddy is a highly dynamic river: very shallow during the dry season, fast-flowing and deep in the rainy season. Sandbanks constantly shift, making...
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