Mangroves planted on 18 hectares in Kawhmu by AFoCO

22 December 2020 - Source: Global New Light Of Myanmar - With the financial assistance from SK Innovation, Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) and Korea Association for UN Environment, planted about 45,000 mangroves in an area in Letkokkon, Kawhmu Township, recently. Volunteers including l...

Myanmar Reforestation and Rehabilitation Programme (2017-2026)

This presentation was presented by Ministry of Forestry. It includes  ​10 fiscal year plan,   Public awareness Mangroves Forest   Download PDF File Here

Mangrove deforestation emits as much CO2 as Myanmar each year

 Source: Eco Business ​The world's mangrove forests, with their archetypal twisted roots protruding from the water surface, store more than 4 billion tonnes of carbon, new research shows. Deforestation—often to make way for fish farming—has seen the global area of mangroves decline by 2 per cen...

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