A proposal for an administrative set up of river basin management in the Sittaung River Basin

Created by By Zaw Lwin Tun, Bo Ni, and Sein Tun and Ingrid Nesheim. The purpose of this report is to present a proposal for how an administrative approach based on River Basin Management can be implemented in Myanmar. The Sittaung River Basin has been used as an example area to i...

Pilot introducing the river basin management approach in Sittaung River Basin/Myanmar

 Created by Ingrid Nesheim, Zaw Lwin Tun, Toe Aung, Hla Oo Nwe. An important aim of the IWRM Institutional Building and Training project is to pilot test the river basin management approach in Myanmar. The purpose is to investigate how cooperation between different sectors on riv...

Water level monitoring in the Sittaung river basin

Author  De Vilder, L.H. Contributors Rutten, M.M. (mentor) Download Link: https://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid:eab22a8e-bc93-4c68-a4df-02c3aa586dea/datastream/OBJ/download

The tidal bore in the Sittaung River

Author  de Ridder, M.P. Contributors Wang, Z.B. (mentor) Rutten, M.M. (mentor) Delft University of Technology Abstracts A 2Dnumericalmodel is set-up for the tidal bore in the Sittaung River. This model is used to analyse the effect of the bottom friction, bathymetry, tidal range and river disch...

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