WaterMM library: A Year on the Irrawaddy (E. M. P-B.)

A Year on the Irrawaddy was written by the wife of an oil-boat captain plying the trade on the Irrawaddy River in Burma. It is the unassuming tale of the hard lives of sailors and shoremen alike. The turn of the century, when this wife took the unusual step to follow her husband on board for most of...
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Water (Shower) Songs list

​Have you sung songs while you are showering? How does it usually feel? Feels like all the problems, difficulties and frustration go away while singing out loud. You know that feel, right? We would like to present you our favorite water songs. And we like to know yours! Please check out th...
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SEA Of The Hydropower Sector In Myanmar Resources

SEA – Final Report For Stakeholder ReviewThe SEA Final Report recommends a balance between hydropower development and natural resource protection in each major river basin in Myanmar, contributing to the healthy functioning of these rivers for the next century and beyond. It also recommends imp...
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Environmental Flows: Lessons from Two Decades of Implementation

Mr. Christopher Bonzi (Hydropower Expert) from WWF presented why environment flows are important and lessons learning from other countries at Symposium - The Science and Policy of Environmental Flows in Myanmar on 15th of August at Inlya lake hotel organised by WWF Myanmar.   Download PDF File ...
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Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC)

 This procedure is enacted by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) on 2015 Dec 29th. In Burmese Language.   Download PDF File Here

AHA Centre Situation Update No. 2: Monsoon Flood, Myanmar

Hightlightsa. Due to heavy torrential rains as a result of Southwest Monsoon since 4 July 2018, nine provinces were affected thus far with widespread flooding and landslides reported. Four provinces in Myanmar are most affected, namely Kayin, Mon, Tanintharyi and Bago. See figure below on probable f...
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Lessons Learnt from Taung Thaman Lake Water Pollution

Lessons Learnt from Taung Thaman Lake Water Pollution by U Maung Maung Oo, Natural Green at World Water Day 2018, NayPyiTaw, Myanmar.The presentation highlighted the causes of water pollution in Taung Thaman Lake, the current situation of Taung Thaman lake water quality and the collapse of ecosystem...
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Towards a Knowledge Agenda

This presentation was presented by  Tom Kompier, Strategic Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, in Urban Delta Seminar. It shows Monitoring strategy and shared knowledge base.   Download PDF File Here

Conserving wetlands in Myanmar: Gulf of Mottama is Myanmar’s fourth Ramsar site.

​Myanmar is home to an extraordinary diversity of wetlands, which include mountainous wetlands; large freshwater marshes and lakes; and coastal mangroves, mudflats and coral reefs. These ecosystems support fisheries, provide clean water, store carbon and protect local people from the impacts of floo...
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Strategic Urban Development Plan

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Water & Maritime Myanmar

This presentation by the embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands indicate new directions about Myanmar to 2030 from the point of view of political landscape, economic landscape and environmental landscape. The detail facts that provided by Ministry of Planning and Finance about joint country portf...
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