Myanmar Climate Change Policy (2019) – (ENG & MYA)

The Myanmar Climate Change Policy and the related Mya nmar Climate Change Strategy and Master Plan (2018-2030) as a guiding policy and strategic framework are hereby adopted precisely to ensure that we take concrete, coordinated and sustained action over the long-term to transform Myanmar into a low...
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Capacity building of urban service providers in Myanmar

​Start Date  ​ ​End Date Budget​ ​ Funding​ ​01/09/2017 ​ ​30/09/2020 ​ ​615000 € ​ ​ Rosamur project is implemented within the framework of a capacity building program initiated end of 2015 , and aiming to improve the quality of environmental services in Myanmar cities through the establishmen...
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Chindwin Futures

​Geographical focus ​ ​Chindwin River Basin ​ ​Project name ​ ​Chindwin Futures ​ ​Partners ​ ​Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in collaboration Myanmar Environment Institute (MEI) and other organizations from Myanmar and Mekong regional experts and other organizations ​ ​Funder ...
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Chindwin Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The Chindwin Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (CBES) project will assess the potential impacts of development and climate change on livelihoods and biodiversity within three key biodiversity hotspots in the Chindwin River Basin. CBES aims to support policy-makers in making comprehensive basin dev...
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Chindwin River Basin Organization (Chindwin RBO)

The Chindwin RBO is envisaged to serve as a mechanism for integrated water resources management, ensuring environmentally and socially sustainable  development in this vital river basin.   The Chindwin River is the biggest tributary of the Ayeyarwady River. The health of the...
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Water Quality Monitoring in the Chindwin River Basin

​The main objectives of the Chindwin River water quality study were to build capacity of local stakeholders in water quality monitoring, to understand the current status of water quality, and to support local government agencies in developing a water quality management and monitoring strategy for th...
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Community River Health Monitoring - Ayeyarwady and Thanlwin River: Baseline Survey

Project -  The Myanmar Healthy Rivers Initiative (MHRI) project focuses on Myanmar's two iconic rivers: the  Ayeyarwady, a "working river" at the heart of Myanmar's national prosperity; and the Thanlwin, a  transboundary river with large potential for development, shared with China an...
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Sustainability is Good Business: Maintaining Basin Health and Developing Hydropower in Myanmar

Kate Lazarus from IFC presented about good practice notes for E-Flows Assessments related to hydro power projects at Symposium - The Science and Policy of Environmental Flows in Myanmarorganized by WWF Myanmar on 15th of August at Inya lake hotel.   Download PDF File Here

AHA Centre Situation Update No. 2: Monsoon Flood, Myanmar

Hightlights a. Due to heavy torrential rains as a result of Southwest Monsoon since 4 July 2018, nine provinces were affected thus far with widespread flooding and landslides reported. Four provinces in Myanmar are most affected, namely Kayin, Mon, Tanintharyi and Bago. See figure below on probable ...
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Report: Myanmar Monsoonal Flooding Reported Impacts and Accumulated Rainfall for Past 7 Days, 03 August 2018

​It is a report for ASEAN Region - Regional Impacts (Myanmar, Lao PDR): Monsoonal Flooding Reported Impacts and Accumulated Rainfall for Past 7 Days, 03 August 2018.   Download PDF File Here  Source:
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Ayeyarwady Futures Partnership (AFP) Ensuring the sustainability of development in the Ayeyarwady River Basin in Myanmar

Myanmar is undergoing rapid socio-economic transformation in which old institutions are undergoing changes and many new ones are being created. This has created a need for urgent action, as well as a window of opportunity, for substantially improving how river basins are governed. A new National Wat...
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Training Course of Ecosystem Services Training

​This training course is from ecosystem services training,  jointly organized by Global Water Partnership Southeast Asia (GWP-SEA), Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department (IWUMD) and Myanmar Water Partnership in Irrigation Technology Center (ITC).  Teaching Stuff ...
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Tha Bar Wa - A sustainable future for industry

This report is published by  World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), in partnership with Myanmar Food Processors and Exporters Association (MFPEA) and Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC).  Tha Bar Wa is a four-year project funded by the European Union (EU) under t...
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The Ayeyarwady River And The Economy Of Myanmar

This document attempts to identify different ways that the Ayeyarwady River is important to both Myanmar's economy and society. It also aims to highlight the importance of balanced development that will ensure the naturally functioning systems within the river continue to support growth and developm...
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National Strategy for Rural Water Supply, Water and Sanitation(WASH), WASH in Schools and WASH in Health Facilities

The purpose of this Strategy is to set out the way to meet the needs of the rural populations for improved domestic water supply services, access to and use of improved sanitation with elimination of open defecation, and improved hygiene behaviour by the Year 2030. The Strategy is supported by Inves...
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