Myanmar's National Transport Master Plan - A New Direction

This document was presented by Juniji Shibata, P.E Japan, Oriental Consultants Co. Ltd. , describing  MYT-Plan objectives Transport vision, policy, strategy and actions Corridor-based transport infrastructure development Financing Feasibility studies Appendix   Download PDF File Here

What is a CoP?

One of the key activities of The Water Agency is to organise Community of Practice sessions, 'CoP' in short. But what is a CoP – and what do we do during these sessions? In Myanmar we organise CoP sessions on a regular basis. Previously we hosted sessions on: Water in the City ( link ) Dredging and ...
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Conserving biodiversity in the Chindwin River Basin in Myanmar

How is the issue of biodiversity conservation perceived in Myanmar in terms of economic development, livelihoods and policy? Where are the policy gaps?  Source: Given Myanmar's rapid economic development in recent years, the Chindwin Basin faces unplanned and unmanaged changes occur­rin...
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Piloting river basin management in the Bago Sub-basin, experiences and recommendations

The aim of the IWRM project has been to pilot the development of a coordinated River Basin Management Plan. The report presents the procedures applied and the experiences gained as part of this pilot in the Bago River Sub-basin during the period2015 - 2018. The report explains the basic principles f...
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Conservation of biodiversity and improved management of protected areas in Myanmar

​The aim of the study has been to give important and improved knowledge about aquatic macrophytes and phytoplankton biodiversity in the Indawgyi Lake. The survey took place in September 2017 and included physical measurements, water chemistry, phytoplankton, and aquatic macrophytes.   Download ...
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Assessing ecological status in Inlay Lake - Integrated Water Resources Management in Myanmar

​The report is one of the deliverables of the project Integrated water resources management – Institutional building and training. The main purpose of the report has been to achieve improved knowledge about aquatic biodiversity and water chemistry in Inlay Lake, and to give an example for assessing ...
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Showcasing Smart Information Solutions in the Ayeyarwady Delta at Greater Mekong Forum 2018

In countries like Myanmar a decent system for data collection and monitoring is often missing. But having access to sufficient and accurate data is essential for making fact-based decisions, predictions and policy-making. However, this scarcity can be turned into an advantage: by skipping less effic...
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Overexploitation Of Groundwater And Consequence In Yangon (Myanmar) And Bangkok (Thailand)

Current status of Groundwater in greater Yangon compare to Bangkok: Bangkok is more 40 years advance in groundwater management than Yangon. Be aware of Groundwater in Myanmar  Myint Thein, Consultant (Groundwater & Wells)  Advisory Group Member (Groundwater) NWRC, Myanmar
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SEA Of The Hydropower Sector In Myanmar Resources

SEA – Final Report For Stakeholder Review The SEA Final Report recommends a balance between hydropower development and natural resource protection in each major river basin in Myanmar, contributing to the healthy functioning of these rivers for the next century and beyond. It also recommends im...
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Improvement of Waste Water in Mandalay City

Daw Khin May Htay gave a presentation on the 'Improvement of Waste Water in Mandalay City'. In her role as Project Director of the Mandalay Urban Service Improvement Project Khin May Htay spoke about waste water treatment specifically in the context of Mandalay. Aim in the project was to prevent the...
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Urban Sanitation & Public Health

During MyanmarWater 2018, the talk of U Khin Maung Yi centred on his personal experiences and career. U Khin Maung Yi is Vice Chairman of WATSAN TD, and member of the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES). He was educated in Myanmar and the Netherlands, and shared pictures and insights from the projects...
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Nutrient Removal From Municipal Wastewater of Yangon City

Daw Nway Nway Khaing from Yangon Technical University, presented on "Nutrient removal of Municipal waste water of Yangon City" during MyanmarWater 2018.  Daw Nway Nway Khaing talked about the increase in waste water in Yangon this decade, increasing the importance of finding sufficient ways to ...
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Advanced Technology for Water Solutions

This presentation is presented by Miss Chiho Miura, representative from JFE Technologies during MyanmarWater 2018.  She was presenting on advanced technologies for water solutions.JFE technologies is a Japanese organisation that has been developing a pilot plant for waste water in Dala tog...
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Management and Modeling of Water Supply System in Mandalay City

Daw Yu Yu Htay, member of MES-WATSAN TD Myanmar Engineering Society (MES)- Mandalay Chapter, presented about "Management and Modelling of Water Supply in Mandalay City, Myanmar" during the MyanmarWater 2018.    Download PDF File Here

Smart Ports - Intelligent, Sustainable, Relevant.

 This presentation is presented by Leonld Gavrilchik from Royal Haskoning DHV on Myanmar - Netherlands Water Challenge Grand Final.   He explained what the drivers behind smart port is and how it should be. Additionally, he mentioned Jetty Design 3D using Hololens Virtu...
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