Socio-Economic Master Plan Public Report

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 We are proud to release the summary of our Socio-Economic Master Plan (SEMP) for the New Yangon City. The aim of the SEMP is to serve as a guide for the next phases of development and administration.

The purpose of the SEMP is:

  • To identify the value proposition for New Yangon
  • To undertake economic analysis and develop sector prioritisation and strategies for the highest economic and job growth plans
  • To create job creation, skills development and human capital development plans
  • To identify the best ways to fast track and incentivise the development of New Yangon City's industrial corridor
  • To develop an infrastructure phasing plan and urbanisation guidelines
  • To provide an environmental strategy and plan
  • To provide a delivery plan with recommendations on key policy priorities for the Go
  • To recommend governance and risk management processes to NYDC for the long-term sustainability.

Download the PDF (1.9 MB)​

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