Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (2018 – 2030)

The Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP) is the expression of our national development vision – a vision that finds resonance in the global sustainable development agenda.
Genuine development will only come to Myanmar if, and only if, all these plans move harmoniously and coherently under the aegis of a single national strategy. The MSDP delivers this strategy, providing an overall framework for coordination and cooperation across all ministries, and all States and Regions to forge a common path towards the emergence of a prosperous, peaceful and democratic Myanmar.

The Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP) provides a long-term vision; a vision of a peaceful, prosperous and democratic country. 

A Peaceful, Prosperous & Democratic Myanmar

Goal 1: Peace, National Reconciliation, Security & Good Governance
Goal 2: Economic Stability & Strengthened Macroeconomic Management
Goal 3: Job Creation & Private Sector Led Growth
Goal 4: Human Resources & Social Development for a 21st Century Society
Goal 5: Natural Resources & the Environment for Posterity of the Nation

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