AHA Centre Situation Update No. 2: Monsoon Flood, Myanmar



a. Due to heavy torrential rains as a result of Southwest Monsoon since 4 July 2018, nine provinces were affected thus far with widespread flooding and landslides reported. Four provinces in Myanmar are most affected, namely Kayin, Mon, Tanintharyi and Bago. See figure below on probable flood inundation detected by satellite observation and 3-days rainfall accumulation forecast for 3-5 August 2018.

b. The AHA Centre sent In-Country Liaison Team and activated in-country ASEAN Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ERAT) to support coordination on emergency response operations with Government of Myanmar and preparation for local procurement of relief items. An Incident page in ASEAN WebEOC is opened for potential ASEAN collective response.

c. Handover ceremony of ASEAN relief items purchased through local procurement was conducted on Friday, 3 August 2018, in Warehouse of Department of Disaster Management of Myanmar in Yangon, by Executive Director of the AHA Centre to Director of Disaster Management, Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, and representatives from Embassy of Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. A total of 12,000 solar lanterns, worth USD 78,000, were provided as the relief items. The provision is based on the latest situation of power status in the affected areas and low electrification rate in rural areas of Ayeyawardy, Bago, Mon, Rakhine and Kayin (ADB), which also severely affected by the flood.

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