Preparatory survey for greater Yangon water supply improvement project (phase II) : final report

Publisher Japan International Cooperation Agency, TEC International Co., Ltd,  Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.,  NJS Consultants Co., Ltd. 

The project aims at improving water supply services to meet the increasing water demand by using raw water from the Kokkowa River and constructing a new Water Treatment Plant and construction and rehabilitation of associated transmission and distribution facilities, which in turn will contribute the improvement of living environment and economic development of Yangon City. 

Part - 1 
Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Characteristic of Yangon City

Chapter 3 - Review Of Master Plan

Chapter 4 - Water Treatment Plant

Chapter 5 - Transmission Facility

Chapter 6 - Distribution Facilities of Zone 9

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Part - 2 
Chapter 7 - Distribution Facilities of Zone 1

Chapter 8 - Operation, Management and Capacity

Chapter 9 - Cost Estimation and Implementation Scheme of the Project

Chapter 10 - Financial and Economic Analysis 

Chapter 11 - Environmental and Social Considerations 

Chapter 12 - Project Effects

Chapter 13 - RecommendationsList of Tables
Appendix 1 Revised Population and Demand for This Study

Appendix 2 Water Source Survey on Master Plan 

Appendix 3 Water Quality Test for Kokkowa River  

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Part - 3 
Appendix 4 Result of Soil Investigation Survey

Appendix 5 Design Basis for Kokkowa WTP of 60MGD
Appendix 6 Hydraulic Calculation for Transmission Pipeline

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Part - 4 
Appendix 7 - Study of Transmission Pipeline Laying Position from WTP up to Hlaing River along Route No. 5
Appendix 8 - Distribution Option Plans Considering Water from Kokkowa and Reservoir System for Zone 1 

Appendix 9 - Current Situation of Existing Facilities, Operation and Management System and Capacity 

Appendix 10 - The Guidance for Management of Safety for Construction Works in Japanese ODA Projects 

Appendix 11 - Procurement of Services and Application of Public Private Partnership
Appendix 12 - Financial Analysis of YCDC

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Part - 5 
Appendix 13 Preliminary Drawings of Facilities

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Part - 6
Appendix 14 - Risk Management Framework
Appendix 15 - Minutes of Meetings of SHM prepared by YCDC 

Appendix 16 - Minutes of Meetings of SHM prepared by JICA Study Team
Appendix 17 - Interviews with Six (6) Illegal Occupants and One Local Religious Facility

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