Myanmar: Pilot introducing the National Water Framework Directive

Created by Ingrid Nesheim, Bente M. Wathne, Bo Ni, Zaw Lwin Tun.

The NWRC adopted in 2014 an important policy framework entitled, the National Water Framework Directive (NWFD). This policy framework, inspired by the EU WFD covers principles such as river-basin management, good ecological status of water bodies, integration, and stakeholder participation. 

This paper presents the NWFD and a project initiative to pilot introduce its principles in the Sittaung River Basin in Myanmar. A brief overview of Myanmar's environmental and socio-economic situation is presented along with information on general governance of water resources in Myanmar.

To support the pilot introduction of the IWRM concept, the project also involves IWRM technical components, such as a special surveillance programme for Inlay Lake, the upgrading of a water quality lab, a water quality database, and water quality criteria. The rational for the project is to learn from the experiences gained through this pilot initiative of river basin management approach for future benefits in Myanmar.

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