Integrated Water Resources Management in Myanmar: Water usage and introduction to water quality criteria for lakes and rivers in Myanmar Preliminary report

​Created by Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).

The purpose of the report is to present some first recommendation for the development of Myanmar ecological quality criteria using the system of the EU Water Framework Directive (EU WFD) as baseline, with main focus on the characterization and classification processes. As background for the recommendations we first give an overview of the main water use categories in Myanmar. We then provide preliminary suggestions for typology criteria and indices for assessing ecological status in lakes and rivers in Myanmar. The typology factors and physico-chemical parameters are based on common used factors in the EU countries. The biological elements include phytoplankton and aquatic macrophytes for lakes, and benthic invertebrates for rivers. In this first phase we present the official and intercalibrated Norwegian indices and boundaries, and some additional indices.

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