The future of a healthy and prosperous water sector in Myanmar is high priority for many, but Prof. Khin Ni-Ni Thein is one who holds this future close to her heart. In a recent interview with Karen Delfau from the AWP backed Kini Initiative you have a chance to hear first hand why Prof. Khin Ni-Ni Thein passion for water is so strong and where some of the next steps are heading.

Highlights that you will hear in her conversation with Karen include:

  • The role of the State of the Basin Assessment (SOBA) report on the Ayeyarwady Basin as a vital step to engage the countries decision makers on the future of this basin
  • How participatory process are vital to enable change and for the various concerns and cares for the countries waterways to be fully shared
  • A focus on capacity building of professionals as a core feature of developing programs and how it can build a culture of working together
  • Desire to build an integrated approach for water sector reforms

Also at the end of the talk are a wealth of links to a range of aspects discussed in her interview – a nice bundle of links all in one place.Many thanks to the Kini team for that.

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