Compendium of WHO and other UN guidance on health and environment

The Compendium is a comprehensive collection of available World Health Organization (WHO) and other UN guidance for improving health by creating healthier environments. It covers a broad range of areas such as air pollution, water, sanitation and hygiene, climate change, chemicals, radiation, or food systems.

The Compendium compiles existing guidance from over 400 documents in a simple format, and is updated every year, or as soon as a major WHO or other UN guidance on health and environment is released. The content is prepared by WHO in cooperation with UN Environment, UN Development Programme (UNDP) and UNICEF.

The guidance on WASH and health contains wide-ranging advice on interventions across most aspects of water, including drinking and recreational water, sanitation and personal hygiene.

  • Download the chapter on WASH here or the full Compendium here.

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