Living with water: climate adaptation in the world’s deltas

Lighthouses show where to go—and where to avoid. The 'lighthouse' case studies in this Delta Report explore best practices in climate adaptation and resilience interventions in delta countries. 

The report is intended primarily for an audience of governments in delta countries: policy-makers, central and federal governments, and local governments including mayors and municipal councils. It aims to raise delta adaptation efforts up the political agenda by highlighting significant achievements and good practices where learning can be shared, supporting the policy dialogue on water adaptation and resilience, unlocking avenues for collaboration among policy-makers and technical advisors, and building awareness and capacity.

The report's secondary intended audience is financiers, insurance companies, water experts, and practitioners. It sheds light on financial opportunities, risks, and barriers for institutional and private investors, and other economic stakeholders related to climate change adaptation in delta countries.

Source: Global Center on Adaptation

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