Flood Fighting in Upper Ayeyarwady Delta - U Tin Myint Aung

"Flood Fighting in Upper Ayeyarwady Delta" which is the prominent subject of flooding management community in Myanmar was presented by U Tin Myint Aung who is an assistant engineer from the branch of operation and maintenance IWUMD. He explained the processes and procedures which have to be carried out in the periods of before, during and after flood season in order to save people lives and prosperity from natural disasters like storm and flood. He also highlighted the collaborative action of the public in the flood fighting activities and encouraged to promote the community-based flood fighting implementations.

This presentation was presented by U Tin Myint Aung at Flood Management from Various Perspectives 2021 organized by Myanmar Water Partnership (MMWP), Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Development (IWUMD), Global Water Partnership and The Water Agency.

Check out his presentation and record video below.

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