Access to Clean and Safe Water in Yangon: A Case of Municipal Water Provision in Insein Township

The provision of safe and reliable water supply is important to all urban dwellers. Actually, urban water supply systems aim to be a safe and reliable water supply for all urban residents. But the municipal water supply with improved public hygiene is still inadequate even in the major cities of Yangon and Mandalay. This research aims to explore the challenges facing the current water supply in Yangon, particularly at the township level. It will also identify the factors that hinder the sustainable supply of water at the township level. 

This study finds that there is a pressing need to improve water quality in order to meet the standards of drinking water safety. Urgent action is needed for the wards that suffer the most frequent shortages. Setting pumping system in hilly areas will be one of the ways to tackle unfair water distribution. There is a need to extend the water supply system that comes from surface water in order to reduce ground water depletion in the long-term.

Acknowledgment: This research was carried out by Another Development (AD) and is one of the series of reports as a part of the "Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society in Myanmar Year Two" program East Asia Institute (EAI).

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