Introduction to QGIS and Kobotoolbox for Mapping Flood Based Farming Systems

About this Manual

This User Manual was developed based on an introductory training on the application of Geospatial Information Systems conducted by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) for the Department of Agriculture staff stationed in the Ayeyarwady Delta. The training and this Manual were financed by the European Union through IFAD under the Testing Flood-Based Farming Systems Project (FBFS), and the CGIAR Water, Land and Ecosystems Research Program, both managed by IWMI. 
The training and this Manual are intended to provide a foundation to enable the DoA use basic geo-spatial data collection and analysis in future land use planning initiatives, that underpin the implementation of the current Agriculture Development Strategy, and the development and implementation of future agriculture strategies.

The contents include:

  • What is GIS?
  • QGIS interface
  • Adding layers in QGIS
  • Attribute Table to show the information of the layer
  • Categorizing map layer by color
  • Adding label to map layer
  • Making the upper layer transparent in order to see the first layer
  • Kobo Toolbox
  • Creation of survey question form in Kobo Toolbox
  • Editing the question form in Kobo Toolbox
  • Use of Kobo Collect for data collection
  • Checking and Downloading data collected by KoboCollect application in KoboToolbox account
  • Visualizing data collected by KoboToolbox in QGIS
  • Adding a Background display
  • Creation of a ready to print map after adding the collected data
  • Visualising suitability areas for various Flood-Based Farming Systems
  • How to read rice suitability map practically
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File Name: Introduction-to-QGIS-and-Kobo-Toolbox (Burmese-Version)
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