Topography-driven satellite imagery analysis for landslide mapping : Chin State (Western Myanmar)

The study area corresponds to 1000 km2 in the Chin State (Western Myanmar) describing a semi-automatic procedure for the classification of satellite imagery into landslide or no landslide categories, aimed at preparing event landslide inventory maps together with the two-steps procedure which requires knowledge of the occurrence of a landslide event, availability of a pre- and post- event pseudo-stereo pair and a digital elevation model. 

The first step consists in the evaluation of a discriminant function, applied to a combination of well-known change detection indices tuned on landslide spectral response. The second step is devoted to discriminant function classification, aimed at distinguishing the only landslide class, through an improvement of the usual 'thresholding' method.

This study was carried out  by M. Alvioli, A. C. Mondini, F. Fiorucci, M. Cardinali & I. Marchesini, Taylor & Francis Group.

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