The formulation of forestry policies has evolved for the purpose of developing sustainability of the environment as Myanmar forestry sector is essential in the enhancement of national socio-economic development, environmental sustainability and balance of nature. The six imperatives were established in the forest policy in order to meet the national goals and objectives. The six imperatives are as followed.

  1. Protection of soil, water, wildlife, biodiversity and environment
  2. Sustainability of forest resources to ensure perpetual supply of both tangible and intangible forest benefits for all generations
  3. Basic needs of the people for fuel, shelter, food and recreation
  4. Efficiency to harness, in a socio-environmentally friendly manner, the full economic potential of forest resources.
  5. Participation of the people in the conservation and utilization of forests.
  6. Public awareness about the vital role of forests for the well-being and socio-economic development of the nation.

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