The National Logistics Master Plan _ Volume - I & II

The National Logistics Master Plan (NLMP) is in line with the parameters of the existing national plans and policies and is formulated to support and materialize these plans and policies,

  1. National Comprehensive Development Plan (NCDP)
  2. National Spatial Development Framework (NSDF)
  3. Agriculture Development Policies (ADP)
  4. Industrial Policy Paper - 2016
  5. Myanmar Industrial Development Visions (MIDV)
  6. National Exports Strategy (NES)
  7. New Economic Policies (NEP)
  8. National Transport Master Plan (NTMP)

This Final Report has been prepared with the following aims and objectives:

(i) Confirmation of vision and development strategies adopted for the National Logistics Master Plan (NLMP);

(ii) Presentation of lists of projects identified with priority for NLMP Study; and

(iii) Presentation of the outline of selected projects for their implementation as a short-term implementation program.

Source - Dr.Myo (Facebook)

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