Urban Development Plan for Regional Cities- Mandalay, Pathein, and Mawlamyine

Due to the promotion of economic deregulation after shifting the policy to emphasize reforms on international relations and economy since 2011, Myanmar has been more powerful as a new investment frontier in Asia as well as worldwide. Myanmar's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is estimated to reach the level of middle-income countries by 2030 in case economic reforms and foreign direct investments continue steadily. 

The Government of Myanmar formulated the "National Comprehensive Development Plan (NCDP)" in 2014 through the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, which indicates the development policies of the whole country and presents the guidelines of comprehensive development of all sectors and strategic national development goals. 

In parallel, the Ministry of Construction (MOC) has been preparing the "Urban and Regional Development Planning Law" to be enacted soon in 2016 in order to support formulating urban development plans within the country systematically and to enforce management system in implementing the plans for local authorities. 

To accelerate economic development continuously, not only in Yangon but also in other regional cities such as Mandalay, Pathein, and Mawlamyine also have important role as regional hub. To promote the required roles of these cities, it is urgent to clarify the future development images and to formulate comprehensive urban development master plans. Based on these works, structured infrastructure development plans are also necessary to realize and implement the development potential of each city.
The objective of the Study is to support the Government of Myanmar in planning works of urban development master plans through conducting the following works: 
i) Review of Relevant Policies and Plans, and Current Conditions; 
ii) Proposal of Development Visions and Spatial and Structure Plans; and 
iii) Proposal of a Roadmap of Key Projects

This study has been carried out by JICA Study Team: Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. Nine Steps Corporation International Development Center of Japan Inc.

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