• This Investment Plan defines the costs of achieving and sustaining the goal and objectives set out in the National Strategy for Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), WASH in Schools and WASH in Health Facilities (2016). 
  • It covers WASH in rural areas, schools (primary to high school in rural and urban areas), health facilities (township hospitals down to sub-health centres), and emergency preparedness. 
  • It estimates investment requirements, including replacement of life expired infrastructure, and funding availability from government, development partners and other sources, and financing gaps. 
  • It attempts to generate comprehensive estimates of funding requirements by including both capital and recurrent costs.

Current coverage, access and needs

The Investment Plan is based on existing coverage and populations in 2014 Census Report, being the most recent and comprehensive data set available. Additional baseline information on WASH in schools and WASH in health facilities was provided by DBE and DPH. The targets set in the National WASH Strategy are to achieve 100% access to services by 2030.