Climate Change Adaption in Myanmar (Facilitator Guide)

The overall aim of the training course is to build the capacity of national and local governments for integrating CCA and DRR measures into local development plans. The course modules are tailored to equip government officials with robust knowledge on climate change and its impacts in Myanmar, as well as with analytical and technical skills on how to develop local CCA and DRR strategies and plans based upon vulnerability assessments.
The course pursues the following specific objectives:
  •  to improve the knowledge on climate change including on approaches and frameworks for CCA;
  •  to understand characteristics and identify impacts of observed and projected climate changes in Myanmar and linkages with sustainable development of townships;
  • to identify, assess and integrate suitable CCA measures into township development plans;
  •  to understand and address key cross-cutting issues in CCA, such as gender and DRR.
The training is intended for:
  •  Selected township-level administrators, including General Administration and members of Townships Development Committees;
  •  District and townships representatives from various sectoral ministries/departments;
  •  National and regional representatives of ECD, RRD, and the Meteorology and Hydrology Department;
  •  GIS specialists from various ministerial units such as those from MNREC.

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