​The National Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan is the first national initiative aimed at institutionalising waste management and offers a visionary document and strategic guide to address key issues, needs and challenges whilst raising awareness amongst key stakeholders towards achieving a resource efficient and zero waste society. 

It respects the holistic nature of waste management, which needs to address waste in all its forms (solid waste, liquid waste/wastewater, and gaseous emissions)for pollution control and environmental management. However, considering the current priority, this strategy and action plan gives more focus to solid waste management at present. 

The National Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan also intended to identify strategic directions, programs and actions to improve solid waste collection, reduction through 3Rs, intermediate treatment and disposal.  In addition, it identifies priority actions to maximise proper collection and disposal of industrial, medical and other hazardous waste, proper disposal and treatment of liquid waste (waste water from domestic and industries) whilst ensuring waste management services are made sustainable over the long term through establishing an enabling framework including supportive financial mechanisms, sound policies, institutional and monitoring frameworks. Accordingly, targets and actions have been identified proposed, aimed at encouraging the strong participation and collaboration of key actors (citizens, industries, academic and other stakeholders) for guiding efficient and effective waste management services.