Satellite-based remote sensing: Advanced hands-on training

For Whom

The training is aimed at participants from a variety of backgrounds, including policy makers, researchers and the private sector. It is foreseen that an improved awareness of the opportunities offered by remote sensing data and an enhanced skillset of processing and analyzing these data will support improved water resources management in Myanmar, particularly in ungauged regions.

About Advanced hands-on training

This tutorial describes the training exercises step-by-step. A recap of the March and December 2018 training program is covered in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 focuses on Integrated Water Resources Management applications of Google Earth Engine and Chapter 4 contains exercises on working with river morphology. Finally, Chapter 5 focuses on Landcover classification
Overview of development of skills in this course:

  • Learn JavaScript and Earth Engine syntax.
  • Learn how to access data from the public data catalog, add them to your map window and set the visualization parameters, process and analyze these, and export them to your hard drive.
  • Learn how to write your own functions and map these over image collections.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on river morphology, Integrated Water Resources Management and landcover classification.
Please download the pdf document of the tutorial and training below.


This training is organized in the framework of the Orange Knowledge Tailor-Made Training (TMT) Programme, funded by NUFFIC the Dutch organization for internationalization in education.

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