Improving water and sanitation services in Mandalay City (Myanmar)

​Start Date  ​End Date  ​Budget  ​Funding
​01/12/2016 ​22/12/2019 ​2500000 € ​AFD, Agence française de développement (AFD)

The project aims at providing access to water to 2,000 households of Mandalay City (Amarapura Township) and at implementing incentive measures for households to connect to the networks. It also consists in reinforcing capacities of the municipality in terms of technical, commercial and financial management through a close collaboration with its dedicated departments and the development of appropriate management tools. The installation of measuring instruments on the water networks will allow improving the technical management of the system and to build a sound database to prepare future projects. Lastly, through the elaboration of terms of reference for the construction of a water treatment plant, for the set up of a performance-based management contract and for the implementation of an awareness-raising campaign on improved practices in terms of water use, sanitation and hygiene, the project will prepare the implementation of a large-scale program funded by the AFD. The project is implemented in partnership with Suez Consulting.

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