WaterMM library: A Year on the Irrawaddy (E. M. P-B.)

A Year on the Irrawaddy was written by the wife of an oil-boat captain plying the trade on the Irrawaddy River in Burma. It is the unassuming tale of the hard lives of sailors and shoremen alike. The turn of the century, when this wife took the unusual step to follow her husband on board for most of her time in Burma, saw many changes in the daily life on the river; not the least they were caused by a small boom in trading and in the exploitation of primary resources by British companies. The many anecdotes in this account make for a colorful and insightful picture of life of those who were living outside the colonial circles and high officialdom that are usually the subjects of expatriates' reports of a tour of duty in the colony. Today's travellers to Burma may find this book to be interesting and useful comparative material and will, no doubt, notice how little has changed in the lives of the common people with the passing of regimes and doctrines.   | White Lotus Press |

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