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National Strategy for Rural Water Supply, Water and Sanitation(WASH), WASH in Schools and WASH in Health Facilities

The purpose of this Strategy is to set out the way to meet the needs of the rural populations for improved domestic water supply services, access to and use of improved sanitation with elimination of open defecation, and improved hygiene behaviour by the Year 2030. The Strategy is supported by Investment Plans covering a financing period 2015 to 20...
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Integrated Sustainable Port Design Framework Development Port Master plan

This report, the title of Integrated Sustainable Port Design Framework Development Port Master plan, is the public version of Master of Science Thesis in Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Managements at the Delft University of Technology and National University of Singapore, done by Zhen Zhen Zheng.     Download PDF File Here

Myanmar Maritime Quickscan

This study was issued by Dutch Maritime Network and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. This aim of this study is to present the current state of play in the maritime sector of Myanmar, with a specific on: Port and Terminals Inland Shipping Shipbuilding Offshore Fisheries Maritime Education Financial Climate As much as possibl...
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Smart Port - Smart Future

This presentation of the first edition of the Myanmar-Netherlands Water Challenge describing how a smart port is, will give you insights how a smart port can benefit its localities and create a smart future.     Download PDF File Here

The geography of future water challenges

This publication shows that, without improved water management or adaptation to climate change, the global sustainability goals cannot be achieved. The report highlights the urgent need for an integrated approach to limiting climate- and water-related risks. Using maps and info-graphics, The geography of future water challenges shows the water-rela...
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Hydrogeology of the Dry Zone — Central Myanmar

This report has been prepared by Dr Len Drury, Aqua Rock Konsultants, with assistance from the Groundwater Division, Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department (IWUMD) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI). The figures and maps were digitised by International Centre Environmental Management (ICEM). The text wa...
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Progress demonstrated by VP Delta start-ups and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Myanmar.

Since 2015 an innovative group of Dutch & Myanmar partners are working on demonstrating innovative ways of monitoring and data collection in the Myanmar water sector. During the launch of the program Dr. Zaw Lwin Tun, Director of the Irrigation Department said that "the researchers united in the Partners for Water Project have provided concrete...
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Myanmar: Pilot introducing the National Water Framework Directive

Created by  Ingrid Nesheim, Bente M. Wathne, Bo Ni, Zaw Lwin Tun. The NWRC adopted in 2014 an important policy framework  entitled, the National Water Framework Directive (NWFD). This policy framework, inspired by the EU WFD  covers principles such as river-basin management, good ecological status of water bodies, integration, and&nb...
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Pilot introducing the river basin management approach in Sittaung River Basin/Myanmar

 Created by  Ingrid Nesheim, Zaw Lwin Tun, Toe Aung, Hla Oo Nwe. An important aim of the IWRM Institutional Building and Training project is to pilot test the river basin management approach in Myanmar. The purpose is to investigate how cooperation between different sectors on river basin level, including stakeholder participati...
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Characterization of the Bago Sub basin Pilot implementing the EU Water Framework Directive

Created by Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA). The aim of this report is to characterize the Bago Sub-basin, located in the Bago Region in the south-central part of Myanmar. The report presents the different characterization steps, including methods for identifying water use and water users, economic analysis of water usage, monitor...
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Integrated Water Resources Management in Myanmar: Water usage and introduction to water quality criteria for lakes and rivers in Myanmar Preliminary report

​Created by Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA). The purpose of the report is to present some first recommendation for the development of Myanmar ecological quality criteria using the system of the EU Water Framework Directive (EU WFD) as baseline, with main focus on the characterization and classification processes. As bac...
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Integrated Water Resources Management in Myanmar: Assessing ecological status in Inlay Lake Preliminary report

Created by Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA). The report is one of the deliverables of the project Integrated water resources management – Institutional building and training.  The  main purpose of the report has been to achieve improved knowledge about aquatic biodiversity and water chemistry in  Inlay Lake, and to give ...
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A proposal for an administrative set up of river basin management in the Sittaung River Basin

Created by  By Zaw Lwin Tun, Bo Ni, and Sein Tun and Ingrid Nesheim. The purpose of this report is to present a proposal for how an administrative approach based on River Basin Management can be implemented in Myanmar. The Sittaung River Basin has been used as an example area to investigate how the basin can be administered...
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Framework notes and recommendations for Integrated Water Resource Management in Myanmar

Created by Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).  This report presents over five chapters information on,  International IWRM frameworks and key  elements for a modern water law;   an overview of the current relevant environmental policies and laws  in  Myanmar;   recommendations on key iss...
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