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Despite of having long coastline, Myanmar is lack with deep sea ports and there are a lot of challenges in the country’s port development. Besides, the main operating ports such as Thilawa and Yangon have problems. One of the constraints is a very limited draft which is a maximum of 9 meters. The second constraint is the presence of two bars in the waters around Yangon. The inner bar is very close to Yangon city center which limits the effectiveness of Yangon port while the outer bar at the mouth of the Andaman Sea restricts vessel movements to both ports. Therefore, deep sea ports should be developed based on the careful assessments on available opportunities and constraints the country facing now. As key functions of the Myanmar Water Community of Practice (CoP) are to influence decision makers and identify critical gaps and opportunities and elevate the issue of specific water challenges into a broader planning context, it is an ideal to use Community of Practice as a key collective for port development issues to be considered, discussed and resolved.

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