Introduction  Launch of PIB program A series of activities to support Yangon Region Government (YRG) in tackling urban water and logistics challenges of Yangon have been done within nine months after the launch of Urban Water Logistics for a Greater Yangon program (UWLY). On 23rd of July, the UWLY consort...
Source: The Water AgencyDate: June 21st, 2019From June 10-14, 2019, a workshop 'Scoping the interventions for Thaketa township' was organized in Yangon as part of the Urban Water track of the Partners in Business: Urban Water Logistics for a Greater Yangon (PIB UWLY) program. Previously a successful and insightful fieldtrip to Thaketa township was ...
Since October 2018 a coalition of Dutch water organisations is working together in the 'Urban Water Logistics for a Greater Yangon' (UWLY) program to support the Yangon Regional Government in Urban Water and Water Logistics Challenges. The UWLY program, to run for three years as part of the Dutch Government "Partners in Business' (PIB) program, has...
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Start the Week at Myanmar Maritime University  Students are playing Port of the Future Serious Game at Myanmar Maritime University Prof Tiedo Vellinga was in Myanmar for a week of 25th to 28th February. He started the week at Myanmar Maritime University to support the capacity building and improvement of ...
Dutch expertise to support Yangon’s water management | The Myanmar Times Yangon’s regional government will receive support to tackle challenges regarding urban water and water logistics by a coalition of Dutch companies and organisations. The companies signed an agreement with the authorities to improve water supply, resources, governance a...
  1.   Monday, 19 November 2018
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A strong coalition of Dutch companies and organisations has signed an agreement to jointly invest and collaborate in a comprehensive 3-year program to support the Yangon Regional Government in addressing critical challenges related to Urban Water and Water Logistics. The agreement is signed under the Dutch government Partners for International Busi...
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