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TAHAL uniquely delivers integrated development projects in the water, wastewater, agriculture, solid waste and natural gas segments.
Since its establishment in 1952, TAHAL has successfully implemented hundreds of sustainable projects worldwide.

TAHAL is a one-stop provider of comprehensive end-to-end services covering project initiation, financing management, implementation, and operations of turn-key projects. Leveraging its international track record, expert know-how, and extensive industry partnerships, TAHAL implements cost-effective solutions to help clients optimize their strategic infrastructure development projects.

TAHAL uniquely delivers integrated solutions across the fields of:

  • Water Resources: take into account all regional water resources to optimize utilization for current and evolving agricultural, industrial and residential usage.
  • Wastewater: maintain proven expertise in the implementation of state-of-the-art wastewater projects – including those based on membrane bioreactor (MBR).
  • Agriculture: deliver integrated agriculture development projects that provide long-term value.
  • Solid waste: deliver comprehensive yet eco-friendly solid waste projects.
  • Natural gas: implemented tens of projects involving natural gas storage and conveyance.


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