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The Mandalay City Development Committee is the administrative body of Mandalay which has wide-ranging responsibilities, including city planning, land administration, tax collection, and urban development. MCDC raises its own revenues through tax collection, fees, licenses and property development.

Projects are being carried out in all sectors with the three objectives;

  • to make the city clean
  • to keep the city beautiful
  • to enable the city dwellers to enjoy a pleasant life

These objectives are being implemented by the following 14 departments of MCDC.

(1) Administration Department

(2)Motor Transport & Workshop Department

(3)Market and Slaughter House Department

(4)Finance Department

(5) Revenue Department

(6)Cleansing Department

(7)Playgrounds, Parks and Gardens Department

(8)Building and Central Stores Department

(9)Roads and Bridges Department

(10)Water and Sanitation Department

(11)Urban Planning and Land Administration Department

(12)Public Relations and Information Department

(13)Inspection Department

(14)Agriculture and Livestock Breeding Department



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