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Following Cyclone Nargis, a large number of national and international NGOs established the Local Resource Centre (LRC) to assist local communities and civil society groups in the collective effort for relief and rehabilitation. 
The Burnet Institute led the establishment of LRC in collaboration with a broad partnership of organizations, including World Concern, the HIV/AIDS Alliance, the Capacity Building Initiative (CBI) and Oxfam.  LRC was launched on May 15, 2008 to enable better coordination between local and international implementers, advocate on behalf of local groups, ensure access to capacity development services and ultimately strengthen the collaborative response to Cyclone Nargis between local and international organizations. Following the Nargis phase of operation (May 2008 – September 2010), LRC shifted its focus from disaster response to the holistic development of indigenous CSOs. LRC officially registered as a local NGO in May 2012.


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