Conserving biodiversity in the Chindwin River Basin in Myanmar

How is the issue of biodiversity conservation perceived in Myanmar in terms of economic development, livelihoods and policy? Where are the policy gaps?  Source: Given Myanmar's rapid economic development in recent years, the Chindwin Basin faces unplanned and unmanaged changes occur­rin...
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Apply for National Coordinator - Myanmar Wang Pong Port Feasibility Study Project

​Written in Burmese Language. Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems (DWIR) would like to hire a National Coordinator. Please read the information written in Burmese. ​Source Link - DWIR Facebook Page:

Dr. Piet Filet in Myanmar 2019

After his visit in 2018, our Managing Partner – Australia, Dr. Piet Filet is in town for a week (21 – 25, January). He is an expert on water management, specifically on flood resilience. Besides, he has expertise in engagement and community management on the topic of water. He met with many of stake...
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Showcasing Smart Information Solutions in the Ayeyarwady Delta at Greater Mekong Forum 2018

In countries like Myanmar a decent system for data collection and monitoring is often missing. But having access to sufficient and accurate data is essential for making fact-based decisions, predictions and policy-making. However, this scarcity can be turned into an advantage: by skipping less effic...
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Good Floods, bad floods: managing the negatives of floods while maintaining its many benefits

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) manages the "Testing Adaptation in Flood-Based Resource Management" project that seeks to support the integration of Flood-Based Farming Systems (FBFS) in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta of Myanmar. Funded by the European Commission and the International Fun...
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New Yangon City Project Receives Positive Reception From Investors

December 5, 2018 I am encouraged by a couple of events that occurred recently. Firstly, the Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC), Mr. Ning Jizhe, paid an official visit to Myanmar late last month. During his formal courtesy call to the Yangon Chief Minister...
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Stay Tuned to the details of the Pre-Project Documents

November 22, 2018 The past weeks have been hectic as we approach the final stage of negotiations with China Communications Construction Company Ltd., (CCCC) for the preparation of the Pre-Project Documents (PPD). These documents will pave the way for the first stage of the NYDC Challenge. The detail...
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Creating an Efficient and Accessible System of Public Transportation

8 Oct 2018 There has been a lot of press reports and comments on social media questioning the validity of NYDC. Some have questioned whether NYDC is a properly approved entity, whether budget has been approved, or if funds are used appropriately. As the Chief Executive of this company, it is not my ...
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Outcomes from the Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food, and Energy

21 Dec 18 - Source: Australian Water Partnership - The Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy was held in Yangon, Myanmar, on 4-6 December. The theme of this year's Forum was 'Economic Development and the Rivers of the Greater Mekong', focusing on ways in which economic, environmental and so...
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Australia and Myanmar renew MoU for cooperation on Integrated Water Resources Management

21 Dec 18 - Source: Australian Water Partnership - Australia and Myanmar have signed a renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation on Integrated Water Resources Management. The MoU was signed by Australia's Ambassador to Myanmar, Mr Jeremy Kruse, and Secretary for Myanmar's National Wa...
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Reflections and personal experiences during 3-day training course of user-friendly application – RainMyanmar

​On December 5-7, I went to the satellite-based remote sensing training at Yangon Technological University (YTU). The training course is for 3 days and is organised by FutureWater , VanderSat and HKV companies, organized in partnership with TU Delft and within the "Leapfrogging Delta Management in M...
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A whole package of delta solutions showed up in Greater Mekong Forum

​ On the 4 th of December 2018, there was a session – Smart Innovations for better decision-making in Deltas that several Dutch innovators together with Myanmar experts have tested and demonstrated new ways of both remote sensing and ground data collection in combination with modelling. Seven of the...
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Smart innovations for better decision-making in Deltas: showcases from Myanmar

In this session we will highlight some of the results as well as showcase the measuring tools that were tested and demonstrated in the projects. These pilots will provide policy-makers and other stakeholders with many inspiring and useful ways to gain access to more data and...
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First Singapore Business Mission to Myanmar organised by the Singapore Water Association (SWA)

​A business mission led by SWA to Myanmar from 27th Nov to 1st Dec was organised with the aim to promote understanding of the water supply and waste water treatment facilities in the country This is held in collaborations with relevant key Government authorities and Industry groups, to better unders...
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SEA Of The Hydropower Sector In Myanmar Resources

SEA – Final Report For Stakeholder Review The SEA Final Report recommends a balance between hydropower development and natural resource protection in each major river basin in Myanmar, contributing to the healthy functioning of these rivers for the next century and beyond. It also recommends im...
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