​15 Oct 18 - Eleven MyanmarA water transport route between Monywa and Homalin in Sagaing Region has ceased operating as sandbanks are forming in the Chindwin River, according Inland Water Transport.

The transport route jointly launched by Inland Water Transport and a private company started their operation in July this year. Now it has been suspended until the end of October while the tide ebbs.

"The nature of the Chindwin River is not the same as that of other rivers. The tide increases and decreases quickly. Normally, the Monywa-Homalin route was shut in October and November. Last year the operation continued till the end of October due to good frequency of rain. This year, we have to close the route because the tide decreased early," said an official from Inland Water Transport.

The route was first operated with ships owned by Inland Water Transport. In 2017, the private sector was invited. Vessel Pinlon and Vessel Chan Nyein started running in July 4 this year. But Vessel Pinlon stopped operation last month because of its bigger size.

Vessel Chan Nyei operates on Monday and takes about six days to complete the route.

Inland Water Transport has six passenger and commodity transport departments and six shipyards. It also takes charge of shipbuilding and repairing. Inland Water Transport has handed over three express ships donated by Japan to Rakhine State.