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Vibes of Communication Training in MyanmarWater 2018

Vibes of Communication Training in MyanmarWater 2018

Five highly motivated youths came to attend the communication training to become Water Reporters which is potentially necessary for Myanmar Water Sector. Myanmar Water Portal(MWP) team wanted to offer the communication training course during MyanmarWater 2018 event to enhance the network of water sector in Myanmar. Likewise, the objective of MWP is to elaborate the importance of communication and collaboration in Myanmar Water Sector.

The training course took thirty minutes describing about why communication is important and how to communicate in a process. Afterwards, the youths received assignments to give attention to the speaker session during the conference. They performed the dedicated tasks which are necessary to create an article such as taking pictures, writing down speakers' quotes, and taking notes during questions and answers session.

Personally, I can imagine that everyone wanted to capture the words of the speakers with full of energy. After attending the speaker session, they went back to MWP's booth and wrote down everything they heard and learnt. Subsequently, water reporters and I had a coffee break, had nice chats talking about their future and dedicated goals which are the catalysts to fire up the spirits of youths. 

Check out the article that they achieved during the event. 

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