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Importance of effective treatment for wastewater highlighted during Conference session on MyanmarWater 2018

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​During MyanmarWater2018 special attention was given to the topic of waste water. A variety of speakers from different backgrounds was present to give the audience more information on the treatment of waste water, or the preventive measures that can be taken to reduce the amount of waste water. All speakers highlighted that they have seen an increase in the amount of waste water, caused by a high degree of urbanisation and industrialization.

U Khin Maung Yi

Speaker 1

The talk of U Khin Maung Yi centred on his personal experiences and career. U Khin Maung Yi is Vice Chairman of WATSAN TD, and member of the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES). He was educated in Myanmar and the Netherlands, and shared pictures and insights from the projects he was part of in the Netherlands, Germany and the US. U Khin Maung Yi illustrated that waste water treatment is becoming more and more important, as a result of urbanization and as necessity for environmental mitigation.

U Khin Maung Yi also highlighted on water borne diseases and illustrated that measures need to be taken to cut transmission off and decrease the rates of diseases. 

Daw Nway Nway Khaing

Speaker 2

Daw Nway Nway Khaing from Yangon Technical University, presented on "Nutrient removal of Municipal waste water of Yangon City".

Daw Nway Nway Khaing talked about the increase in waste water in Yangon this decade, increasing the importance of finding sufficient ways to deal with treatment. With help of YCDC Sanitation Department Daw Nway studied the reduction of nitrogen using IFAS Process. 

Daw Khin May Htay

 Speaker 3

Daw Khin May Htay gave a presentation on the 'Improvement of Waste Water in Mandalay City'.

In her role as Project Director of the Mandalay Urban Service Improvement Project Khin May Htay spoke about waste water treatment specifically in the context of Mandalay. Aim in the project was to prevent the pollution of the waste water, focusing on collection, interception of pollution before it reaches the water. Daw Khin May Htay also touched upon the topic of circular design, a fairly new topic in Myanmar. She mentioned that the idea of circularity can help reduce the amount of waste water, as already in the design stages of development of products, processes or services is thought about the end stages and the effect it will have on the environment and water surfaces.

Ms. Chiho Miura

 Speaker 4

The last speaker of the session was Miss Chiho Miura, representative from JFE Technologies. She was presenting on advanced technologies for water solutions.

JFE technologies is a Japanese organisation that has been developing a pilot plant for waste water in Dala together with YCDC. The pilot was a success so a plant will now be developed in the near future.

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