Membrane Technology should be broadly used in treatment of wastewater


In 2004, Myanmar Water Engineering & Product (MWEP) company limited participated as consultancy company when wastewater treatment plant in Botahtaung township was built.

"At that time, the design of wastewater treatment was for 14,750 cubic meters per day. Matching the current situation, it is going to be upgraded up to 100,000 cubic meter per day. The upgrade is funded by JICA, using the way of membrane technology," Khin Maung Win, Managing Director of MWEP Co.Ltd, said. "The membrane technology simply works without the addition of chemicals, with a small amount of energy use. We are now providing the technology as well as training to be familiar with the process," he added.

In Yangon region, not only wastewater treatment in Botahtaung township but also in Star City in Thanlyin township have been accomplished setting up with membrane technology. "We have done feasibility study for using seawater desalination for Star City compound," Khin Maung Win claimed. He compared to illustrate the difference between membrane technology and chemical treatment. Compared to chemical treatment, membrane technology only needs to use small amounts of utility, so there will be no extra wastes disposals. Chemical treatment needs to have enough storage space for the wastes in the system, at least 3 tanks to complete the structural requirements of a sewage wastewater treatment plant. Although the maintenance can be easily done, it was so much trouble to keep the chemical discharges safely which can become waste disposal for the next time. Membranes are used more and more often for the creation of process water from groundwater, surface water or wastewater.

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