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Speaker Sessions and Panelist Sessions at MyanmarWater 2018


​At MyanmarWater 2018, there will be two great panelist sessions on the stage. At first, each dedicated speakers will be present on respective topics and share their visions to the audience. Two sessions will be 

  • ​Sustainable Urban Water Management 
  • Wastewater Treatment and Environmental Protection

After that, questions and answers sessions and public sessions ​will exist in each panelist session. Therefore, warmly welcome to join the interesting and resourceful sessions during the event. 

Session 1 : Sustainable Urban Water Management 

Urban water security is still a great challenge under the Sustainable Development Goals for many developing countries. It requires meeting high demand from fast-growing urban population and planning an integrated approach to ensure that the management, development and utilization of water resources, water infrastructure and water/wastewater treatment satisfies the financial, environmental and multi-sectoral water demands.

Session 2 : Wastewater Treatment and Environment Protection 

While industrial and commercial investments drive growth, environmental protection and preservation should not be compromised. The presence of policies, strategies, rules and regulations in wastewater control and management should create an investment ecosystem that is both conducive for the environment and for investors.

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