With MyanmarWater 2018 only two weeks away, we are happy to announce the program that the Myanmar Water Portal will host on the event.

The Myanmar Water Portal is the official communication partner for upcoming edition of MyanmarWater – meaning we will be present to report on the conference sessions, interview exhibitors and report on interesting products and services we come across. In addition, we will organise events from our own booth, inviting expert speakers and host spotlight sessions.

Come join us at our booth for:

  • Speaker sessions with experts
  • Interesting discussions on the topic of 'Htee City'
  • Brainstorm sessions on challenges in the Myanmar water sector
  • Spotlight sessions, in which we can showcase your organisation

Or come have your picture taken in our Photobooth!

In addition, the Myanmar Water Portal team organises a communication workshop and a workshop for Water Reporters. We are still looking for participants for the Water Reporter session. If you are interested to visit MyanmarWater, learn more on how to interview people and improve your writing skills – send us an email and who knows you can join the Water Reporter team.

Every day we open the booth with a round of coffee and cake, come meet us at our booth to kick-start your day. We are looking forward to welcome you!