Another ferry boat to reinforce Wahdan-Dala trip schedule

Photo Caption: A ferry boat from Inland Water Transport for Wahdan-Dala trip seen in the river.

​25 Sep 18 - Eleven Myanmar - Another ferry boat owned by the Inland Water Transport department will be entering the regular Wahdan-Dala trip scheduled starting on October 1. For the smooth flow of commodity and easy transport for passengers, yet another boat will add to the Wahdan-Dala trips from Wahdan jetty to Dala jetty beginning from October 1.

"Currently, there is only one ferry running for Wahdan-Dala trip. The Inland Water Transport will be adding another boat to facilitate travel for that trip," said an official from Inland Water Transport. The Inland Water Transport is made up of 6 branches depending on transportation area and commodity transport. The Inland Water Transport is being carried out transporting of passengers and commodity, as well as transport of commodity.

With assistance from Japan, the Inland Water Transport department received three vessels. Two vessels were second hand, used boats and will be used in southern part of Rakhine State. One newly built vessel from Japan will serve as a passenger vessel in Myanmar. Among the three vessels, one was named Kisapa Nadi-1. That passenger boat was transferred to Myanmar on March 2017, the Kisapa Nadi-2 passenger boat was transferred to Myanmar on July 2017. Another Kisapa Nadi-3 passenger boat is under construction in Japan and estimated that it will arrive Myanmar on April 2019.Kisapa Nadi-1 is the first ship that arrived Myanmar and has a capacity of 145 passengers and is plying from Sittwe to Taunggup in Rakhine State.

The Kisapa Nadi-2 has a capacity of 80 and a top speed of 25 miles per hour. The Inland Water Transport (IWT) is one of the state owned transport enterprises under the Ministry of Transport. It was established since 1865. At present, IWT is a leading river transport enterprise.

Currently, IWT has a fleet of 258 vessels comprising passenger cum cargo vessels, powered barge, pusher tugs, dumb barges station pontoons and etc. IWT is performing a considerable amount of 15.06 million passengers and 2.07 million tons of cargo annually to provide cheapest mean or transport in Myanmar.

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