Mandalay's WaterWorx focused on Regeneration of Tube Wells


An agreement between MCDC and Vitens Evides International (VEI) was already signed in December 2017, in July and September the first visits of dutch experts took place, and from the end of October a project manager will be working and living in Mandalay for the 3 year duration of the project. WaterWorX is a public-private collaboration between the dutch drinking water companies and the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs, aiming at providing people in developing countries worldwide with clean drinking water and sanitation.

This is being done through so-called water operation partnerships (WOP); A local drinking water company will work for a longer period of time closely together with experts from the Dutch drinking water companies . This to improve their operations and expand their coverage. This should increase the willingness to finance(loans for) larger scale investment in water infrastructure.

In Myanmar VEI works together with Mandalay City Development Committee at the water and sanitation department. The first phase of the WaterWorX project lasts until dec 2021, after that a second and third phase of 3 years each could follow. VEI assists MCDC on several topics, but the focus in the first work packages ( Sub-projects) will be about improving maintenance. Activities range from practical assistance, to training on maintenance practices, instructions on monitoring performance and risk analysis (water safety plans). Simultaneously activities that support expansion of the coverage of MCDC will be deployed.During our activities we like to include aspects of digitization and organizational development.

In July 2018 two successful visits were made by Dutch staff. A complete and successful regeneration of a tube well was done resulting in an increase in flow from 127 to 142 cubic meter per hour and in a decrease of the drawdown from 46 to 14.3 meters! Other tubewells will be monitored to identify their suitability for regeneration.

Also, with support from a local company, a revised pump was placed and aligned preventing reoccurring breakdown. Staff were trained on proper maintenance and inspection and new inspection forms are used to determine necessary maintenance. The next step will be to implement a way of maintenance planning as basis for the maintenance budget.

Next visits will continue these works but also start on management information and broader assessment of capacity needs.

For more information about WaterWorX and VEI project:

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