Reflection of open seminar on Bago Sub-basin Management Plan

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​Bago Sub-basin Management Plan was introduced into public on September 20th, 2018. Since it was introduced as in open seminar, Bago Regional Government, Forest Department, Environmental Conservation Department, Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River System and Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department in Bago Region attended the seminar.

Opening speech was given by Chief Minister of Bago Region Government, U Win Thein. "Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) project has been established by Norwegian Government in 2015 and finished in 2018. Moreover, starting from 2019 January, we had an agreement with Norwegian Government to continue the process for next 4 years," he stated. And then he added, " The goal is IWRM approach reaches out the national level in policy decision making based on Myanmar National Water Framework Directive (NWFD)."

The national reference for the process of developing this Plan has been the Myanmar National Water Framework Directive (NWFD). The EU Water Framework Directive has been the main international reference framework. The NWFD policy framework covers principles such as river-basin management, good ecological status of water bodies, integration, and stakeholder participation.

Discussions took place on the role and participation of CSO in Environmental Conservation and Water Management.

Check out the agenda: Here

The presentations are available below the post.

(Updated in 21 September, 2018)

File Name: Bago IWRM Plan - Dr. Ingrid Nesheim, Research Scientist, NIVA
File Size: 1.4 mb
Download File
File Name: DWIR's Implementation in Bago River Sub-basin - U Htay Aung, Director, DWIR
File Size: 2.7 mb
Download File
File Name: IWUMD's Implementation in Bago River Sub-basin - Dr. Aung Than Oo, Assistant Director, IWUMD
File Size: 7.6 mb
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